The incredible 6,000 Foot Ladder to heaven

“I’m so happy. Finally, I get to wax enthusiastically and unreservedly about a show at this year’s Chicago Musical Theatre Festival…The central character, Hadley Breaker, is a young tween girl played with ageless innocence by twentysomething Rachel Guth. Ms. Guth was a stand out in the Boho Ensemble production last year of A Little Night Music,  as the far more feminine and frivolous Anne Egerman. Here she is a petulant and difficult young girl on the edge of womanhood, whose father has died.  She is acting out in her grief, which she makes clear in her terrific opening number, ‘Turning Around’.” Jeffrey Lyle Segal, Times Square Chronicles

“Rachel Guth builds a momentous story in less than thirty-two bars. She pulls at your heartstrings with this fearless spontaneity that comes from being young which when viewed as an adult is both worrisome and inspiring. It captures the moment when the protagonist rises to the challenge in accepting their heroic task, but that also comes with unanticipated consequences. But in this moment it's pure bliss, and a feeling worth holding onto.” Chicago Theatre Triathlon

Shrek the musical

“Leave it to Marriott Theatre and their staff to bring a huge musical to their in-the-round- stage with just the right touch…The ensemble is delightful, changing costumes and characters in seconds… They are terrific!” 5 out of 5 Stars- Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

“Fourteen of Chicago’s most likably talented young triple threats create the magic in this ensemble-driven production, often playing many different roles…The brilliant, multitalented ensemble also includes… Rachel Guth.” Highly Recommended, Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

A Little Night Music

Jeff Recommended

"The first is Rachel Guth, a delightful actress making her debut at BoHo. She’s just a Northwestern University senior, but, if this is any indication, is sure to have a fine career ahead of her. This young actress is radiant and reliable as Fredrik’s young, virginal wife, Anne. Ms. Guth expertly captures all the giddy innocence and carefree frivolity of this character, while the actress’ lovely voice carries many of the musical numbers." - Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

"Every person on stage uses Sondheim’s music and lyrics with the surgical precision of a scalpel to the heart... Rachel Guth, whose pretty, silvery soprano is fittingly flighty." 3 out of 4 stars - Catey Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times

"As Fredrik’s young wife Anne, Rachel Guth (currently a senior at Northwestern) is superb. Guth’s crystalline soprano seems to effortlessly float on air." - Rachel Weinberg, PerformInk 

"Simpering but never stupid, Rachel Guth instantly conveys the quicksilver intensity of virginal, 18-year-old Anne Egerman, her confusion about a fallow marriage to a much older lawyer impossible to hide or to dismiss." Lawrence Bommer, Stage and Cinema

"Guth’s energy and upbeat attitude is a perfect contrast and complement to Harris’s moody, angry Henrik...And Guth’s Anne is all youthful enthusiasm and insecurity. Both actors also have lovely voices; in fact there isn’t a dissonant note in the whole ensemble." 4 out of 4 stars - Karen Topham, Chicago Onstage

"For the casual degradation they receive in the libretto, the women of A Little Night Music do the heavy lifting and transporting of audience spirits...Rachel Guth brings more layers to ground a typically flighty Anne." Sean Margaret Wagner, Windy City Media